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Currently Reading: Likeable Leadership

This post should be entitled “What we will soon be reading…”.

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That’s How You Vine

Although we have yet to create content via Vine, we are definitely consuming it.

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Curate vs. Create

DrakeStar attended a Creative Mornings (@Atlanta_CM) talk a few weeks back and the guest speaker was Perry Fair, Chief Creative Officer at JWT. The topic of discussion was how refrigerators killed the caveman. Seriously! He shared some really novel insights. We are still thinking about how this applies to us, and how we can apply these insights as practicing marketers.

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Great Content Lives…

“Great content lives at the intersection of cultural relevance and brand voice. To be a good content creator, you need to be a good content consumer…” –Noah Brier (CEO, Percolate Industries Inc.)

From AMA’s April article “A Channel-Agnostic Approach to Social Media”. (You must register or login to read.)

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How A DJ is Using Marketing to Champion Hollywood’s New Sound

Brian Henry, known by his stage name DJ B. Hen, is making waves in Los Angeles and beyond. As a DJ, B. Hen is championing “Hollywood’s New Sound” and building a remarkable brand in the process. As a former marketer, he is using those skills he acquired in the corporate world and is creatively applying them to make a name for himself as a premier DJ. We caught up with him to find out how he uses his skills as a marketer to build his brand as a DJ.


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Social Media vs Seach Marketing – How Do They Match Up?

Social Media vs Seach Marketing - How Do They Match Up?

Cool infographic that shows how social media and search marketing are intertwined and how they match up as it pertains to awareness, brand recognition, etc.

How do you use social media and search marketing to position your business in the marketplace? Do you find one to be more useful than the other?

Let us know in the comments!

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