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How A DJ is Using Marketing to Champion Hollywood’s New Sound

Brian Henry, known by his stage name DJ B. Hen, is making waves in Los Angeles and beyond. As a DJ, B. Hen is championing “Hollywood’s New Sound” and building a remarkable brand in the process. As a former marketer, he is using those skills he acquired in the corporate world and is creatively applying them to make a name for himself as a premier DJ. We caught up with him to find out how he uses his skills as a marketer to build his brand as a DJ.


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The Crowdfund Act

A new piece of legislation making its way through the legislative branch will help entrepreneurs raise money through crowd funding — think Kickstarter, etc.

As a strategic marketing consulting firm, it is often clear that many new entrepreneurs underestimate the need for a dedicated marketing spend and how to calculate a quantifiable ROI. Having the ability to gather funds and use them to handle traditional startup, administrative, equipment and marketing costs.

This new bill will make it easier for new entrepreneurs to raise money in a way that was once heavily regulated by the SEC.

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