Leveraging Social Media Marketing Beyond Brand Awareness

We recently came across an article on LinkedIn titled “Is Your Social Media Scoring an F?”

The article, written by David Edelman (managing partner at McKinsey), challenges organizations that use social media to engage with consumers to stop measuring its effectivesness by “fans, friends and followers.” This is a powerful statement, because many businesses, especially smaller entities, tend to think that the amount of people following your brand is the end all, be all as it relates to social media. However, have you stepped back to truly see if you are engaging your audience? Or are you simply pumping mediocre content to make sure you hit the top of the timeline, home screen or page everyday?

Engaging consumers and truly levaraging social media to your organization’s advantage is not about the amount of followers you have across the web. It is about understanding how your audience would like to engage with you and creating a two-way conversation that is both beneficial to them and to you.

Hopefully this article will challenge your social media strategies and move you to a space where you are truly taking advantage of what all of these amazing platforms have to offer. In what ways can organizations create an engaged social media network across the web? Let us know in the comments!

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