Curate vs. Create

DrakeStar attended a Creative Mornings (@Atlanta_CM) talk a few weeks back and the guest speaker was Perry Fair, Chief Creative Officer at JWT. The topic of discussion was how refrigerators killed the caveman. Seriously! He shared some really novel insights. We are still thinking about how this applies to us, and how we can apply these insights as practicing marketers.

But, what really struck us was his discussion about the world in which we live in as “creatives”. He explained that in today’s society most people are praised for being curators (think Tumblr, Pinterest, even Facebook), but not actual creators (the folks who get down and dirty and innovate, even when it seems that there is nothing left to create). On some level the sum of human existence is a curation of thoughts, ideas, etc. that were never our own, but learned from our parents, friends and environments. However, how we create is by taking all of those “curated experiences” and applying our own perspectives and point-of-view. As a marketer, it seems that technology has taken over and the need to be creative and to create new and interesting ways of engaging customers are the days of old.

Check out the video and let us know what you think. How do we stretch ourselves as marketers and truly innovate in a field that seems overrun with the newest, prettiest and shiniest thing(s)? How do we move beyond the curation of experiences and truly be creative and enterprising marketers? We were certainly inspired by his talk. Let us know what you think in the comments!

2013/04 Creative Mornings – Perry Fair from CreativeMornings/Atlanta on Vimeo.

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