do you have a solid marketing plan?

Do you have a solid marketing plan?

When most think of marketing, they think of soft skills that are hit and miss. A Facebook fan page here, a website there. However, having a strategic and integrated marketing plan is central to advancing your brand and building its equity. Without it, companies and brands are left floundering – trying to hang on to the coattails of whatever trend is “hot” at the moment. All of that can be avoided with the proper planning.

There are several tools in the marketplace that have made calculating the return on investment (ROI) of marketing tactics easy. Analytics provide business owners and marketers with the tools they need to understand what tactics are working which are not. Now, tracking those marketing dollars and understanding the effectiveness of one’s marketing spend, is absolutely doable and essential.

In helping companies understand the essential nature of a marketing plan and spend, DrakeStar, LLC has entered the marketplace to provide strategic direction to businesses. DrakeStar, LLC is a full service marketing consulting and event management services firm located in Atlanta, GA. The goal of our company is to provide strategic marketing and branding support to businesses and clients. In addition, we offer event management that includes conception, implementation and execution of your vision.

This blog will provide helpful hints and tips on how to market your brand, industry articles on important marketing trends and much more. Begin to understand how planning your marketing efforts is essential to your business plan and objectives!

For more information on the services DrakeStar, LLC offers, please email us at

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